Poems Pictures Prayers &Ponderings

a prayerful reflection on the Catholic faith



Welcome to the official site for Poems Pictures Prayers & Ponderings, a prayerful reflection on the Catholic Faith. We pray that you will find inspiration within this little book of original poems, traditional sacred art, familiar Catholic prayers and insightful ponderings. All four elements tied together, taken throughout time,  lend a glimpse of  mystical truths and lead us deeper into the true spirit of the Catholic Church and her beliefs in God and the Angels and the Saints.

This beautiful little book of art is the seedbed for two Bible Studies, one titled "Pondering the Holy Eucharist, and the other titled "Pondering Parenthood". Click on the page "Pondering Bible Studies" for more information about the two studies.



We offer you the opportunity to take a glimpse of some of the work in the book and invite you to order a copy for yourself and family and friends. It is a beautiful keepsake or thoughtful gift for Catholics or for those curious about the Catholic faith.



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Here is a list of titles of the sixteen original poems:

Mary and the Word

Pure Love

Unwavering Trust

Salvation's Name

Redeeming Grace

Nature's Message

A Heart's Betrothal

A Little 3-Pea Pod

An Earthen Vessel

Even Games Have Rules

I Heard the Voice Say, 'No'

The Mystery of Judas

The Holocaust of the Lamb

Revealed Truth

Food for the Journey