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Poems Pictures Prayers and Ponderings,

a prayerful reflection on the Catholic faith

Pages 10-13

I think Pure Love is one of the most beautiful layouts in the entire book. Valerie’s devotion and creative eye could not have inspired a more beautiful depiction of Mary and Jesus than the one introducing the poem Pure Love, and Pope John Paul II’s statement on the rosary adds so much. The Hail Holy Queen prayer is the perfect complement to the art and the poem; Mary, Queen Mother. Carefully reading the poem, compiling the set, including poem, art and prayers was a true meditative experience. The love between Mother and Son is real.

When I first penned this poem, I was surprised by the length of it and was fighting back tears as I wrote. The images were so vivid to me. Although my hand was getting tired, I was spell bound. As always I had to fight my “do-it-perfect” impulse to slow down and check for punctuation along the way in order not to lose the passion of the message.

Originally, Pure Love did not follow Mary and the Word in order. It was not until I recognized the Eucharistic theme and reorganized the poems that they came together.

After it was all printed, as I read my copy of the real, complete book, I was surprised and delighted to note that the first verse of this poem relates to “the Word”; a perfect follow up to Mary and the Word that I had not even noticed before.

But, of course, the Holy Spirit intended them to be together. I was just slow to recognize it.