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a prayerful reflection on the Catholic faith

A Verse or Two

From a Poem or Three


Salvation's Name


Now the sky would open

to hear the Father's Voice.

"This is my beloved Son, hear Him."

He claimed Him as His choice.


A choice that would change history forever;

never to be the same.

The Voice had spoken.

Now, we knew his name.




Pure Love


Only her love was so chaste

that she alone could hold

the Word of the Father

Whom prophets had foretold.


And so she conceived of His Spirit

with a Love innocent and pure.

The Father had caught sight of her

and knew she would endure.

The Mystery of Judas


Something unsettling rests

 inside my mind and heart.

He chose him as His own,

and then suddenly, he was torn apart.


He chose him with greed his weakness;

no conscience restricted his gain.

He died in desperation;

despair became his chain.