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a prayerful reflection on the Catholic faith

Page 22

Nature’s Message was a detour from the spiritually sacred; at least it seemed that way after receiving many of the other poems. The more I read this particular poem, the more I am moved by the simplicity of its message. God is speaking to us everywhere, in every season. Surprising to me, I have had a few people tell me that this is their favorite.

This is one that I actually did need to take the camera out for, but in fact, I did not take this picture. Although Valerie’s sister Sarah did not have time to paint for Mary and the Word, she was moved by this poem and took this beautiful picture. While she had submitted others, I knew this was perfect as soon as I saw it.

The radiance from the sun brings to my mind a monstrance. The sun and the snow are in contrast, yet complimentary. God clearly reveals Himself and mysteries of who He is in nature.