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Mary and the Word is a beautiful depiction of the true value of Mary in the birth of Christ as tabernacle, but also as a very real person.  After I had penned these words in the middle of the night, I had a huge concern that there appeared to be an actual Bible passage included.

Please understand that what was happening to me, while very mysteriously exciting, was also very frightening. The first poem I had received was about Judas Iscariot with somewhat questionable content. This one came shortly thereafter. Around the fringes of my mind always rested the suggestion that I was going crazy and that there was something very wrong about the poems, and so seeing what appeared to be an exact Bible passage raised a little apprehension. I went to bed, knowing that finding this passage would validate the poems, or not finding it would raise more serious questions.

The next morning I got out my Bible and let it fall open, I guess thinking I would find the exact verse highlighted on the first page I spied. Well it didn’t happen like that at all, but I did finally locate it in Isaiah 66:1.

Each time the Holy Spirit confirmed to me what I hoped was true, I was strangely surprised, not doubting the Holy Spirit’s ability, but being amazed that He could get through to me! It was awe inspiring. I just read and reread the verse, knowing that this was something that I absolutely could not and did not write on my own. So much praise and gratitude overwhelmed me so many times during this process and this was certainly one of them.

Each morning after the night I received a poem, I’d read it to my husband. We were always amazed, but this time even more so when I sited the exact Scripture passage. I knew that along with this gift, I had an amazing responsibility to get it right and to record the words just as the Inner Voice gave them.

I also knew the poems were not just for me and needed to be shared. That Christmas, I sent this poem out in Christmas cards to a large list of people. After explaining where the poem had come from when asked, I was met with a couple of strange responses, confirming my own fear; one being that I was involved in channeling, another that because I was “hearing voices”, I was schizophrenic.

I was very selective about the few people I shared poems with after that.