Poems Pictures Prayers & Ponderings,

a prayerful reflection on the Catholic faith

The Title, Art and Cover

While still receiving and writing the poems in 2008, If you had asked what the name of a book would be if I ever decided to compile the poems, I probably would have said it was simple, Poems, Prayers and Ponderings; that’s what I had. That’s what was evolving.

But after Kayo’s cardiac arrest, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas past, we were into February of 2012, and I was really getting excited about the soon-to-be, self-published work ahead of me. Valerie, the creative genius Kayo had suggested for the formatting and graphic work, had moved out of town, and so I called, explained the project and e-mailed her a couple of poems. She was immediately all in with the project and excited. I’d like to say that was it—done.  But, it was just the beginning of an up and down journey, with many twists and turns, laughter and tears. All was clearly navigated by the Holy Spirit.

A few weeks later, on my afternoon walk, I was feeling much better about it all. I’d finally (I thought) put the poems into a logical order, typed up ponderings and had started sending “sets” to Valerie along with layout ideas. She’d sent me one possible layout, and it was more beautiful than I could have ever have expected or hoped for. The “book” was coming together. The air was cool and the sky clear. As I walked along, I knew there was a book in our future.

Poems, Prayers and Ponderings; I like it, I thought.

Poems, Pictures, Prayers, and Ponderings, suggested in response from that Inner Voice.

No, I thought, and repeated, Poems, Prayers and Ponderings.

Again, from the Inner Voice, Poems, Pictures, Prayers, and Ponderings

At this point, with hindsight, I probably looked like a crazy person. I threw my hands up and asked aloud, “Pictures! What pictures? Am I supposed to walk around with a camera?”

No, sacred art

I returned home excited about the prospect and immediately called Valerie. She gave me a few websites with sacred art and when I found the first piece, I knew, crying the many continuing tears of joy.

Poems, Pictures, Prayers, and Ponderings was definitely it!

Months later, after designing the beautiful book cover, Valerie asked what the subtitle for the book would be. Subtitle? I had to ask what that actually meant and if it was necessary.

Between the time of realizing the title during that invigorating afternoon walk and her question, my vibrant and active ninety-two-old mother had died as the result of a tragic car accident and an excruciating twelve days in an out -of -town hospital. She had been in the backseat where another car hit. During that time, Valerie kept the book progressing while I was away and had been 100% responsible for the beautiful design and layout of the cover.  I chose the first one she had submitted, but now a subtitle was the last thing on my mind. Valerie asked me what I thought the book was about and I answered her question.  Within a few minutes, she submitted several ideas for me to choose from, and so hence, the final title:

Poems Pictures Prayers & Ponderings, a prayerful reflection on the Catholic faith.