"Pondering" Bible Studies
A companion to Poems Pictures Prayers & Ponderings


Currently, there are two "Pondering" Bible Studies:

1. Pondering the Holy Eucharist
2. Pondering Parenthood

There are three elements of reference in all Studies:

1) Poetry and sacred art from the book Poems Pictures Prayers &          Ponderings, 

2) Scripture from usccb.org, and 

3) Paragraphs from The Catechism of the Catholic Church, www.vatican.va. 

Poetry and Sacred Art provide a glimpse into the beauty of the Catholic Church with the richness of symbols and imagery. Beauty and appreciation of the sacred are being lost in our world today, but renewed through these studies.

In addition, participant will become familiar with using Scripture and the Catechism in finding answers to questions about faith, God and life. 

Pondering the Holy Eucharist
A Seven-Week Bible Study

“Pondering the Holy Eucharist” begins with a poem about Abraham  and Isaac and a painting of the sacrifice of Isaac. It continues with Jesus from His Baptism to the Descent of the Holy Spirit, and then through to the Paschal Feast, emphasizing the importance of the Priesthood and the Catholic Church in keeping Jesus alive in the world today in His Real Presence. The titles of the lessons along with the poems from the poem book are as follows:

The Purpose of Life

“Food for the Journey”

A Great Foreshadowing

“Holocaust of the Lamb”

Who Is This “Lamb of God”?

“Salvation’s Name”

True Food and True Drink

“The Gospel According to John”


“Revealed Truth”

The Sacrifice of the Mass

“The Sacrifice of the Mass”

The Paschal Banquet

“I will be with you always until . . ”


Sacrifice of Praise

This is hard.

Pondering Parenthood 

A Nine-Week Bible Study

“Pondering Parenthood” is designed to fill the gap in formation between pre-marriage classes and Baptism classes for new babies. In today’s culture, marriage and family have been distorted or completely discarded, even for Catholic couples. This study teaches participants about parenthood as God intended. The study is designed to inform couples how the graces of the Sacraments, along with the teachings of the Church, can support families along their faith journey. Lessons pinpoint teachings as they apply in the couple’s own lives and encourage them to privately discuss their personal dreams and goals for their families. They will have the opportunity to develop a habit of open conversation between themselves that can carry them forward in the future in order to “get on the same page” as parents. The titles of the nine lessaons and the poems that are included are:

What do God and the Church have to say about Marriage? (Matrimony)

Anticipating Parenthood

"Mary and the Word"


“Mary’s Place in Our Hearts”


“Unwavering Trust”

Pure Love

“Pure Love”

Sacraments and the Little Ones”

“A Little Three-Pea Pod”  (Baptism)

Love, Laws and Legacy —  Study guide page

“Even Games Have Rules” (Confirmation)

To Forgive and To Be Forgive

“The Fate of Judas” (Reconciliation)

Food for the Journey (The Eucharist)

“The Gospel According to John”

“An Excerpt from Eucharistic Prayer IV”

“I am with you always . . .”